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Data Archiving, Import/Export

I archive my data by date of creation. I have folders 2k4 (year 2004), 2k5 (year 2005), these folders are splitted to months (1,2...12) and then I save named file there. Sure you can choose different manner of archiving. Sometimes I keep also some special files like Tx (my transmitter batteries) or Rx Viking (Rx battery pack for my F3B Viking) and I open this files before charging my pack, merging again and again graphs. I see immediatelly history and condition of my packs. Overlaying graphs I can be warned of some troubles.

Using menu File, Import, PowerCube Data file you can always import any older file and combine graphs without limits. Using Export you can have file for next processing in spredsheet (Excel) forexamle.

Normalize function - New software release (version 1.1.6) 26/4/2005

This release brings many new features. Here is list of some of them:

  • Normalizing function gives you chance to compare even Voltage graphs on different packs *. You can normalize selected graphs as global, auto find Umax (delta peak) or "by hand" i.e. selecting min and max points manually. This feature gives you completely new point of view on your batteries.
  • New look&feel. Selecting View, Application look you can choose from XP, Office and others layouts
  • Reworked environment, auto pop-up bars, freely configurable interface. You can move, delete any menu item, any button etc.

* Although not condition, its recommended to compare shapes when I (current) is constant.

On picture bellow you see (1) I customized main toolbar. I deleted some buttons and added button for downloading data from PowerCube. You can also see (2) two new icons. It gives you chance to normalize (time axis changed 0-100% for all selected blocks, see next picture). First select left icon, it normalizes whole graphs, while selecting right icon, program first finds U max and here places 100% point. There is also third- manual mode. You can access it in graph window via context (right click) menu. On picture bellow Normalize function is not activated. Normalized Voltage graph you can see on next picture.

On picture bellow you see already Normalized graphs from above mentioned transmiter pack charging/discharging cycles. After selecting both Normalize icons (1) , program found Umax (3) and placed there 100% point. Time axis changed to % unit (2). Hard to compare Voltage from above metioned picture becomes immediately very understandable. Just try and play with data on your computer. Download here.

Working environment was completely redesigned. You can drag any toolbar and place it on semi-triangle marks (1). It will dock in corresponding direction. Pin on right corner of any toolbar gives you possibility to auto hide or fix it.
Application environment can be customized and saved. You can have forexample setup for Analyzing data and setup for Charging. Every setup is saved as file. You can download my favorite one (my screen resolution is 1280x1024) here.

Software Download

1.1.06 PowerCube.exe 4,8MB (26/4/2005)

1.1.21 PowerCube.exe 4,7MB (21/11/2005), built in parser

1.2.03 PowerCube.exe 4,7MB (18/01/2006), integral function implemented

1.2.04 PowerCube.exe 4,7MB (1/2/2007), bug fix in user defined functions (impossible to use decimal numbers)

How to install version 1.1.21 and higher:

  1. Download and install program (your activation code will remain valid)

  2. In root directory of Pwrcube.exe create directory parsers

  3. Copy appropriate file with extension *.rxp (e.g. isl8.rxp) to parser directory

  4. You can have more than one rxp file in parser directory, but some functions can collide

  5. If you want just to update sw for your PowerCube, don't worry about parser. Just install new version that's all i.e. step 1.

Parsers (files with regular expressions enabling correct interpretation of RS232 data)

This software is FREE ONLY for all PowerCube owners. During installation you can choose English or Czech language. After installation send me Registration key and I will send you Activation code by return. This Activation code is hardware dependent i.e. software is NOT transferable from PC to PC.

This analysis software is compatible with many other chargers, download and try it! If it works for you can buy licence for 20EUR. I will update database of compatible chargers. If software is not activated, time axis is limited aprox to 5 minutes.

You can download trial data. It's log of my Tx MC24 charging/discharging sequence (Tx.PWC 670kB) . You can also download my Application environment setup. To activate it, go to View, Application Environment, Load from File... (romans_env.bin 15kB)

PowerCube Manuals and Memory Preset Templates

Quick Reference Quide (English version 1.0) PDF 170kB (updated 31/3/2004)

User Manual (English version 1.3) PDF 220kB (updated 29/11/2005)

Memory presets can be in menu only numbered starting from 1-9. If you don't remember (as me) what's actually in preset saved, these templates could help you in fast orientation. Just print it on laserprinter.

Template1 PDF 60kB Template2 PDF 60kB

Templates and Sticker pocket

Glue pocket from bottom

Energy Eliminator

Enery Eliminator external module allows through (i.e. you don't have to dis/connect it) charging/discharghing up to 150W. It is microprocessor driven electronic device with temperature and wrong connection protection. Ideal complementary to PowerCube.

Energy Eliminator with PowerCube


Price for Europe Union countries

Basic price for PowerCube charger is 295 EUR (VAT 19% included). What's included?

  • PowerCube charger with detachable clips
  • RS232 interface cable
  • Selfadhesive pocket for storing memory presets
  • Licence for analysis software
  • 24 months warranty

Basic price for Energy Eliminator is 110 EUR (VAT 19% included).

Shipping PowerCube in EU is 25EUR (shipment insurance is limited to 50EUR value!). If you want to insure whole shipment to full price please select DHL, UPS, EMS or any other service.Shipping Energy Eliminator is also 25EUR (nearly same weight).

Price for NON-Europe Union countries

Basic price for PowerCube charger is 250 EUR (no VAT or any tax included). What's included?

  • PowerCube charger with detachable clips
  • RS232 interface cable
  • Selfadhesive pocket for storing memory presets
  • Licence for analysis software
  • 12 months warranty

Basic price for Energy Eliminator is 95 EUR (no VAT or any tax included).

Shipping Worldwide is 30EUR (shipment insurance is limited to 50EUR value!). If you want to insure whole shipment to full price please select DHL, UPS, EMS or any other service.Shipping Energy Eliminator is also 25EUR (nearly same weight).

There are other extras available

  • Software and Manuals on CD. Price is 10EUR. You can download both free from this website
  • USB/RS 232 convertor cable. Allows you to connect PowerCube to USB only PC. There are drivers for Win 98, Me, 2000, XP, Linux, MacOS 9 and MacOS X included. Price 25 EUR.

What's included in package. Charger, Memory preset pocket, Clips and Serial Cable

Detachable clips

Warranty&CE Certification

PowerCube is covered by 12 months worldwide warranty from date of purchase. When sold to Europe Union countries warranty is 24 months from date of purchase. Warranty does NOT cover damage due to direct or indirect improper use or third party device manipulation and unauthorized repairs.

All shipping and other extra costs (taxes, bank fees, etc.) are payable by user even in warranty period. The costs for testing device which is not defective are covered by user even within the warranty period.

We are unable to monitor the observance of our assembly and operation instructions, installation, connection, usage and maintenance of charger. For this reason we cannot accept liability for loss, damage or costs which arise through the inappropriate use of product, or are connected in any way with such use.

Within the normal legal limits, our obligation to provide compensation, for whatever legal reason, is limited to the invoice value of this charger immediately involved in the event which caused the damage. This is not valid if device was used in contradiction to instructions in this manual, if you infridged general use conditions deliberately or due to serious negligence.

Charger was tested and meets following standards: CSN EN 61000-6-3:02, CSN EN 61000-6-2:02, EN 61000-6-3:00, EN 61000-6-2:00. It is in compliance with 89/336/EEC.


Q: Whilst I appreciate that this charger is targeted at 'experts', I'm not sure that setting a final charge voltage for Lithium cells is the best way to determine when charge finishes. Would it not be better to enter a cell count and then have charger software determine final voltage?

A: Cell number manner is exactly approach which distinguish my charger from the rest of the world. Every technology based on cell count is potentially problematic, while LiPo has 4.2V, some LiIon 4.3V and other Lithium based cells different. New cells next year will have which voltage?! How do you want to treat it with cell count?! This is reason why charger producers are changing firmware every 6 months (to some it takes more than two years to adopt new technology and result?) and actually never solved this problem... If you are searching easy "Cell number" charger do NOT buy PowerCube, you will be dissapointed.

When I buy Lithium based cells, which are very sensitive to over-charging or over-discharging, I always search for producer recommendations. I try to fullfill them unless I am aware I will shorten theirs lifecycle dramatically. Its good to know, under some sources, overcharging LiPos from 4,2V to 4,3V shortens lifecycle of cell from 750 to 200 cycles approximately. On the other hand capacity can be increased nearly by 20%. But you will pay by shortened life cycle. I can control this phenomena with PowerCube in all details.

BTW PowerCube interface is so straightforward, that I bet with you I will setup my charger 3times faster for my 2S3P 1200 LiPoly Kokam than you with "Cell number" ...and I will be sure that charging is stopped really at voltage I want. And charging current will be exactly which I want.

Q: I expected I can discharge just "out of the box", but I read in manual: "When discharging is in progress, energy is retransfered to the source battery. Also external resistor is available as option". What does it mean?

A: You can NOT discharge with PowerCube just "out of the box"! PowerCube can discharge:

1. If connected to external (lead acid) battery which works as energy reservoir. You can discharge more than 150W (depends on type of external battery). PowerCube starts retransfer of energy during discharge starting from 1V (or even less). Never try to activate discharging if your PowerCube is connected to DC Powersupply 220V/110V!!

2. If connected to Energy Eliminator (see above)

BTW PowerCube was designed MAINLY as highend FIELD charger. Just big interest of users pressed me to start development of electronic resistor. At home I use as external battery (allows me to discharge at the highest power) Optima Semitraction Yellow Top battery.

Q: When charging nearly 50V from12V-13V source, charger must be equipped with step-up converter to reach such high power. Is there also step-down converter in PowerCube?

A: Yes, there is high power step-down converter which allows you to charge theoretically LiPoly pack 0S10P 1200mAh (10x1200mAh=12Ah) at voltage 3.0V by more than 10Amps. Try it with another charger, "Mission impossible" :)

Q: I'v heard there is internal memory in PowerCube. What's actully saved there?

A: In internal memory is saved last active block of data, regardless it was charging, discharging, charging or discharging part of cycling. When you start new session, data are deleted. Use PC and provided software if you want to log any activity. Software forexample automatically separates charging, discharging cycles and you can immediatelly overlay discharging parts to find how your pack behaves after 7-th charge/discharge cycle.

Q: I'd like to run my software analysis program on desktop PC and my laptop. Is it possible?

A: Yes, send me both registration keys and you will get two activation codes.


Dipl. Ing.Roman Vojtech
U Studanky 31
170 00 Prague 7
Czech Republic
Europe Union

email: info@lomcovak.cz